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Greetings fans of Save Science Fiction. I am the webmaster and partner for this site. I’m from the USA but currently live in Japan. I am an English Major that never finished my degree. Instead, I wrote stories and articles for various magazines and websites. You can find the links to many of my projects, writings, videos and such below.

Grinning Studios avatar.I started Grinning Studios in 2009 as a hobby website on blogspot. I would post about things I enjoyed in Japan. I created a podcast and interviewed many creative and talented people.

After a while, I noticed how many of these creative people just weren’t doing much with their creativity online. They may have a website, or a Facebook Page, but most of them didn’t branch out due to time, knowledge, money, or just fear of other people’s reactions. I decided to create a network and make websites and set up services online for my creative friends, and now my hobby is becoming my second job.

My network now consists of four websites which you can find below:

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On Adventure Travel BlogOn Adventure Travel




S.E.T. To Go: Smart English Teaching To GoS.E.T. To Go: Smart English Teaching To Go




Save Sci-Fi avatar "save the futre. Science, Imagination, and Innovation.Save Science Fiction





I hope to add more projects in the future, but for now, these have taken up all of my time. I also have a YouTube channel, and many articles and stories written on You can find those links below:

Grinning Studios YouTube ChannelGrinning Studios YouTube Channel.




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