Why we made Strange Frame


(click on image to see elevator is at the bottom of the frame)

There is a lot of sci-fi media out there…a ton, but most of it isn’t worth a second look. What amazes me is how much good sci-fi literature there is out there, but either it is ignored or only used as a setting for another space battle. Even in the best of cases, the science is usually ignored when we move from book to screen. So is it sci-fi at all? If we take the sci out of sci-fi, what do we get? Wrestling on the SyFy Channel, argh!!!!


I just read another Kim Stanley Robinson book (2312.) In this book, when they wanted to get off Earth did they blast off in an inefficient atmosphere destroying chemical rocket? Did they defy the basic laws of gravity and float up via some sort of other drive based on magic instead of physics? Nope, space elevator. So Strange Frame is the first movie with a space elevator. No biggie, just trying to keep the science in sci-fi.


Genetic engineering? Weʻre doing it now. What is the human race going to look like 100 years or 200 years from now? Just like we do

now? But wouldn’t wings be more useful in zero G? What about legs? Needʻem or not? Even if youʻre in space most of the time?

John Varley openʻs his novel Steel Beach with some lines that give us a hint of the kinds of bio-modification we might be playing with in the next century and beyond:

“In five years, the penis will be obsolete,” said the salesman.

He paused to let this planet-shattering information sink into our amazed brains. Personally, I didn’t know how many more wonders I could absorb before lunch.

“With the right promotional campaign,” he went on, breathlessly, “it might take as little as two years…..

Lots of authors write about that stuff, but it doesn’t seem to trickle onto the big screen…people look the same way they almost did…yawn. So, we decided that some of our characters would look…different. Some bioStrangeFrame.1920x1200.ValBot and genetic mods for a specific reason, some purely for fashion. One thing, purely my opinion, is that A.I.s – when they reach sentience – are not going to be friendly. You ever wait for a progress bar or spinning wheel…your computer is messing with you right now, just wait until it actually has a reason to. Too many friendly A.I.s and robots with seemingly human motivations and human philosophies. So we

decided to come up with different kinds of motivation sets for our A.I. (played by the lovely Juliet Landau). And sexuality! Why do most sci-fi shows and movies have characters that act like they are in Junior High School? Sex in the future is going to be weird, beautifully weird.


Donʻt just take my word for it. Check out what our star, Claudia Black, (Stargate/Farscape) said about our movie and Sci-Fi in general.