Supporting Sci-Fi

One of the many ways anyone can help support and save our favorite SciFi shows or projects is through the medium of Forums. There are hundreds of SciFi Forums out there. Some SciFi Forums don’t last very long, or the creators get too busy, and they fall by the way-side.  However, some SciFi forums, like Gate World, survive – if only for social purposes, and the administrators there still try to keep members updated.

Other survivors, such as Lost Worlds, are doing their part as well; but need support and contributors for the general Sci-Fi sections. Many of these sites are purely set up for role play, and while that does feed the fan’s needs to relive the adventures of their heroes, it is a  great help to the Save SciFi cause of getting the word out, but we need more involvement from all the fans. Save Sci-Fi on Facebook and this website, and sites such as Lost Worlds can help, but we all need to work together. It would be greatly appreciated, by all of us, if contributions were made by members of each team across the boards.

To that end, we invite you to join the Lost Worlds forum and become part of the community. Lost Worlds Forum can be found at the website below.

A little more about the Forum.


General SciFi and Fantasy Forum.

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Role Play Games –   Stargate (all franchises) Wheel of Time, Star Wars and others


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Our Forum is rated under the international PG13 standard. Which essentially means anyone can view or join the forum and those under 13 can do so with parental guidance. (We require a validated parental consent letter)

Time Period:

The Site was established in 2010. The Stargate Role Play is currently dated at February 2011 and will follow through to the present.

Stargate Resurgence,  Stargate Atlantis Reclamation,  Stargate Universe Revelations
The current Stargate themed Role plays start from a theoretical Season 11 in SG1, Season 6 in Atlantis and Season 3 for SGU. All three arcs are interwoven into one story as a whole.

The current story centres heavily around the SG1 arc and the events that shape the whole role play. This includes alien encounters, SG Team missions, usage of the Stargate battle carriers (the 304’s), in fact all of the themes you would have seen on the shows. Character development and relations plays a central role in these stories and for the most part, the game is about the survival of each area and how we relate to both enemies and potential allies.

Players are encouraged to take up roles as either the main central characters of the show or their own Original Characters.


The role play started in 2010 originally hosted on Gate World. We moved to our own site in March 2010 and continued the story from there. Our story began within the SGC as General Jack O’Neill was being briefed by Colonel John Sheppard on the status of Atlantis, sitting in San Francisco bay. The city was green lighted to leave and that began the arc of our story for Stargate Atlantis Reclamation. Immediately on arrival, the city was confronted with a war with a Genii rebel faction. This led to a confrontation with the Vanir (Pegasus Asgard) and the meeting with new allies. To the present, the Vanir have revealed themselves to have undergone a physical change in appearance and now shown us as how they would have been millions of years ago before their path of cloning. New enemies have penetrated both Galaxies and to this, the Vanir are now set out to ally all the races to fight this new threat. They have since moved into the Milky Way.

*note on SGA*

Our main character arcs for SGA were doing well up until about a year ago. Most of our Atlantis players were regulars from Gate World. There was a Wraith faction out falling and in the end they were split into three camps, none of whom wanted to play with each other and in the end they all left. So for the moment, the city of Atlantis stands empty waiting for renewal

Stargate Resurgence

On the same day General O’Neill farewelled Atlantis, the SGC was informed of technology stolen by the Lucian Alliance and SG1 aboard the USS Hammond and in company with the USS Deadalus were sent to recover the technology. A battle ensured but in the end the technology was recovered. At the conclusion of the battle, Sam Carter as CO of the Hammond was unable to beam aboard SG1, so she instructed Cam Mitchell and his team to Gate home. SG1 somehow misdialled and ended up on Tagrea. There they were met with the new leader of that world and after some interesting encounters, they gifted with an Ancient Aurora class warship. The Tagreans couldn’t use it, as they were unable to find anyone on their world with the ancient gene. The arrangement was that the ship would be sent back at any time should Tagrea be in peril.

Around the same time SG4 was given a task to track down Lucian Alliance threats here on Earth. Their adventures took them to Iran and then North Korea. Finally as the game develops, we have SG4 captured and taken to a hostile Goa’uld world where their rescue in ongoing. One of our lead characters, Cate MacGregor is central to the ongoing plot. She is XO of SG4.

Around all this we have the new enemies. The El Aenir an ascended race and the Hozgura. Both of which threatening the existence of all. The Vanir are gathering allies even among the Goa’uld themselves and the race is on to find a weapon that the Hozgura plan to use to remake the Universe to their own design.


As always with these kind of role plays, the plotline is a developing thing, with twists and turns at every corner. In summary, plotwise, we are saving the universe and making sure one character gets to where she needs to be to stop the unmaking of all things . Saving Sci-fi really.

Overall: See above

Currently: We also have a Wheel of Time role play that is quite active. There is scope for almost anything else our members can create.