Thanks for the 4 Thousand Likes


Hello everyone!  We recently passed the four thousand supporter mark, and I just wanted to make a few comments about that.  This movement isn’t even two years old yet, and we have grown at a faster rate than most similar pages on FB.  This page started out as a High School Sophomore’s dream.  I dreamed that maybe, just maybe, I could start something that might actually make a difference.  While we haven’t accomplished our largest goals, I think we have made SOME difference, at least in the lives of those who support us.  Each time this page shoots past another thousand supporters, I am amazed, and it makes me the happiest guy in the world.  The devotion that scifi fans have for their genre warms my heart so much.

Save Sci Fi is only as big as it is today because of the people who have stepped up and helped me along the way.  The first was Meredith, and she helped me near the beginning.  Then Martin contributed by designing banners and our first website attempt.  For the more than 6 months Young has assisted with his graphics skills, and Tom has given us more exposure through his site FTL News.  Most recently, Rhonda has been doing some contests and posting a ton of fantastic stuff!  She also helped me early on advising me on the uses of social networking.  Just in the last couple of weeks Steven “Grin” Harsha signed on to be our Webmaster, and he is the only reason this site here exists.  He has put his valuable time and money into it, and he has informed me he plans to stay and help me evolve this movement to it’s highest potential.

A word about Grin: I have worked with this man for years through an online game called ogame.  He has proven himself a reliable executive officer in the game, and a steadfast ally there and in real life.  I owe a lot of current success to him.

Now, with this site and Grin, we have an amazing team at work!  People from various projects, pages, and backgrounds have come together to try to help Save Sci Fi, and I am very grateful.  My point is this;

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of these amazing people.  They deserve a round of applause, and so do you, for without you we would have no purpose!  Live Long and Prosper!

Thanks for the 4K, and I can’t wait for the 5K!


~ Michael (Founder)277859_453853961302257_1149089162_o (1)