Current Sci Fi series on air with synopsis.

Write an article about the current Sci-Fi series’ on air on any TV channel.
Unabridged = 100 writer points Abridged = 5 writer points per title over 10 titles.

The article must have an opening stating that the list includes current Sci-Fi series as of (date) on air and open the reader to how you will categorize the series in the list.

Each category of title must have a HEADING 1

Each Sub Category list under each category must have a Heading 2.

Each title must have a heading 3.

Also add a finishing paragraph summarizing what the list says according to your opening statment/paragraph.

Here is an example of how it should be formatted.

Title: 20 Great Sci-Fi series you can watch on TV, YouTube, Netflix or Hulu Now.

Jonesing for some Sci-Fi action on TV? Well here’s a list… [etc..]

HEADING 1: Space Sci-Fi flicks.

Something about what this category includes.

Heading 2: Space Opera.

Something about what this category includes.

Heading 3: Title of show.

What channel, it is on. What time it is on.

Something about what the show is about.

Heading 1: Futureistic Earth Sci-Fi Flicks.

Heading 2:

Heading 3:

Good luck guys!