People, groups, websites, forums supporting sci-fi and sci fi shows.

Write an article about the current Sci-Fi groups, websites, and forums supporting the movement or providing good sci-fi

information or community.
5 writer points per list item over title over 5 items.

The article must have an opening stating that the list includes current Sci-Fi groups as of (date) and open the reader to how you will categorize the groups in the list.

Each category of title must have a HEADING 1

Each Sub Category list under each category must have a Heading 2.

Each item/website/link must have a heading 3.

Also add a finishing paragraph summarizing what the list says according to your opening statment/paragraph.

Here is an example of how it should be formatted.

Title: 20 Great Sci-Fi related places on the web supporting sci-fi or the save sci-fi movement.

Want to know how to get connected in the sci-fi community? Here are some places and communities on the web you can become a part of and enjoy, participate in or support. [etc..]

HEADING 1: 20 great Sci-Fi connections on the internet.

Something about what this list includes.

Heading 2: Websites.

Something about what this category includes.

Heading 3: Title of website.

Link to the website.

Something about what the website offers.

Heading 2: Forums.

Heading 3: etc…

Good luck guys!