What Will Alien Contact Be Like?

What Would First Contact Be Like? Image by Stephen Landry.Alien Contact: A cautionary tale?

In Science Fiction, the icing on the contact cake, is meeting a new species of being from another planet. Will they be benevolent like the lovable E.T. from Steven Spielberg’s Science Fiction fantasy, or more sinister in their conduct such as the tentacled malevolent grey’s from Independence Day? Perhaps either of these possibilities may be nothing more than Science Fiction speculation of the grossly inaccurate kind.

Lacking any scientifically proven data of alien contact, the human race is left with only speculations, and hypotheses of how aliens from another world may interact with humankind when we meet. So let the speculations of Alien Life begin. In this article, you will discover what we at Save SciFi like to speculate about alien contact, and what the data, experts and science and science fiction speculators imagine how Alien Contact will unfold.


Are we alone? The search for alien intelligence.

The entire idea of Alien Contact comes from the human curiosity in science and simple question asked by astrophysicists around the globe. Are we alone? This question is not alien to Human evolution where as historical civilizations have grown, there came a tipping point where further growth could be exponentially multiplied by outside resources.

When a civilization branches out, they make valuable discoveries of either raw resources or trade resources with other civilizations. Trade and economy thrives on culturally alien goods trade import and export. Entire economies have been built on such trade. The silk road from Asia into Europe is one example and another is the Indian Spice trade for which the East India Company of the sixteen hundreds ruled the economy of Europe.

The point is, contact with alien culture has been an economic boon in historic times for the instigator. However, perhaps not so much for the host. As an example with the East India Company, many cities and towns in India and abroad had been conquered and set up as colonies for trade, often with disastrous effect to the conquered culture. For more information on this, please visit The Library Thinkquest’s brief history of the East India Company or Wikipedia’s East India Company page.

Many other cases of the positive benefits and negative effects of first contact can be made. The overall point is that first contact, historically, can be beneficial and detrimental in epic proportions. That is just Human history, and couldn’t begin to answer the mind boggling questions of understanding life with a completely different evolutionary history or even disproportionate intelligence. After all, Gorillas are on the endangered species list. What do they have to offer human kind besides their bodies as goods or for science experiments? Sadly, the gorillas suffer for contact with Humans.

How then can we believe that an intelligent alien species traveling the universe will be benevolent with our meager offerings? What can an alien species gain from contact with Human Kind? Let’s speculate, and bask in the glory of science fiction on this subject, because until the day First Contact happens, anything we imagine is nothing more than speculation, or science fiction, if I may be so bold to label it.


The First Contact (With Extra Terrestrials – Aliens) trope in Science Fiction.

In science fiction, the drama of other worldly alien’s coming in contact with the human race is a ubiquitous theme to the point of clichĂ©. It has been dramatized so often that it has become a trope called First Contact. Learn more about this trope from First Contact Trope at tvtropes.org,.

It’s fascinating to consider what contact with an other wordly alien race will be like. There are so many unknowns. How will their evolution play in their demeanor and conduct? What environmental effects will shape their society and how they communicate with us? These questions are so strong that entire Science Fiction movies and series have been written on the speculation of these contemplations. Below are some categories of the First Contact Trope.


Types of extra terrestrial (alien) contact behavior.

How will aliens from another world act when humankind meets them for the first time? From what I can see, there are four basic types of behavior and all other behaviors are a combination of these four basic types. The types are Benevolent, Aggressive, Antisocial and Indifferent. Where any type of alien contact behavior can be created by combinations and degrees of combination of these four types of behavior. Read on for the types of extra terrestrial (alien) first contact behaviors and their combination examples.

The Benevolent Alien First Contact.

Being technologically advanced may mean being responsible to the other races of the universe. If we should be so lucky, Aliens of this persuasion will be helpful and act to nurture our race into higher existence. The universe may be a cold and lonely place. Having a friend, ally, or companion may be just what the universe needs to feel more like home.

The Aggressive Alien First Contact.

If there is a single lesson that we can perceive from the evolution of life on earth, it is probably that the strong survive and eliminate the competition. An alien race may see Human kind as nothing more than a competitor in the universe. A competitor may someday grow large enough to pose a threat. Will the human race survive the contact with such an alien mentality?

The Antisocial Alien First Contact.

Perhaps you have heard it said as a child or said it to your own children, “Mind your own business,” is a key point of advice. Meddling in the affairs of others can be dangerous. Better to be hidden out of sight and in the shadows as an observer than the subject of the observed. An alien race may find that keeping others at arm’s length, and as ignorant as possible, the best form of contact. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

The Indifferent Alien First Contact.

What are Humans in the universal scheme of existence? Are we but ants crawling on our rock in space? Are our comings and goings so insignificantly unimportant to higher intelligence that we are to be ignored as nothing more than part of the environment? This type of alien contact may mean the complete indifference to our morals, ethics, history and values. Why should an alien even care if they squish a human or two while they tramp about the universe in search of… whatever aliens search for.


The First Contact (With Extra Terrestrials – Aliens) Behavior Examples in Science Fiction.


Star Trek’s Vulcan race.


Star Trek’s Klingon Race.


Besides the Q that interacts with Picard in Star Trek, the Q Continuum are an example of Antisocial Aliens.


The Formic, (“Buggers” is the impolite name,) from Ender’s Game when they first appear in the series.


Combination Behaviors of (Extra Terrestrials – Aliens) in First Contact


The doctor of Dr. Who is an example.


Stargate’s Asgard is an example


Klaatu Barada Nikto of The Day The Earth Stood Still


The aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Independence Day, “Grey,” Aliens.


The “Silence” from Dr. Who.


Speculation of Alien Contact Behavior

There is no way to know exactly how aliens will behave when we first meet them, until we have some actual experience on the matter. What I presented here is purely speculation and though I can’t say it is wrong, neither can I say it is correct. It is all, after all, speculation. What do you think? Here are some responses from the Save Science Fiction community from our Facebook Page.


Kevin Small I think there is a slight chance they may indifferent of us. If they are able to freely explore space and quite possibly might be from beyond the known universe, they may be so intellectually superior that they view us as but ants. While we may have no malice towards an ant, we feel little remorse at squashing one or destroying their homes.


Ryan Weavell I think the Aliens will try to contact us through means we may not comprehend. Telepathy will be to powerful for us and shut down our brains. Mathematically they will use different equations. Our poisoned environment may kill them. We possibly will be blind to the color spectrum they use. Sadly they will arrive to Earth see how stagnant our evolution has become and move on….. or kill us.


Randy Anderson We have already been contacted. Humans were created by an older race that used us as slave labor for thousands of years, then for some reason they all left. Today, others who can appear much like us walk among us and basically control our world. Don’t believe me? Then you’re wrong.


Bowen Ellames Shows like ‘Star Trek’ have conditioned us to see alien life as biped humanoids. The mistake we make is that we assume they’ll be ‘human’ in any way, shape, or form. Alien contact will most likely come in the shape of microbial organisms, viruses or parasites or wildlife surviving on some distant planet. If we’re looking for advanced alien life, we might be confronted with races so abstract, so unworldly that we’ll struggle to interface. Alien contact might prove that our common human laws and interests and emotions will hold no validity or significance in the grand scheme of things.


Justin Dilday They get here, see that we’re way more advanced than they themselves, and leave cause they’re scared…….never happens like that in books or the movies :0)


Kerry-ann Willcocks- Ryan What if they’re like on the predator v alien movie and use our planet for a hunting ground, now that would be scary.


Freddie Cobb enslavement and then extinction.


Peter Markellos We ARE the science fiction of an “Alien” writer, who will not bring us into reality because mankind does not deserve friends.

Earthling means toilet paper in the writers natural language, so first contact would be the sh#t.


Pup Equality McKeenan we won’t know it when it happens as we will be vaporized off the surface instantly.


Keith Hawes First contact has already happened, further comment here is moot.


Steve Spartacus McBroom Anyone coming here would wipe us out and rightly so, we do nothing but destroy.


Mike Mc It will be Cowboys and Indians only we are the Indians this time…


Sean Hudspeth They’d probably try and sell us something. An old banger of a spacecraft that looks really advanced to us.


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