Save Sci-Fi PodcastHello Save Sci-Fi fans!  The Save Sci-Fi Podcast LiveStream First episode is now available for viewing! Here is all the information.



Grinning Studios Network founder.


Michael Daugherty:

The founder and creator of the Save Sci-Fi Facebook Page and community.


GB Hajim:

Director, Writer and Producer of the Sci-Fi animated feature film Strange Frame.


Strange Frame: Love and Sax.

28th century, 200 years after the Great Earth Exodus. Naia, a feisty, young singer/songwriter, falls in love with the beautiful saxophonist Parker in Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. The two form a band – and now they have to not only make it as musicians but also to fight for their freedom. Dramatically rendered in rich, hand drawn animation, Strange Frame brings us into a world of space pirates, indentured slaves and genetic mutations – infused with music throughout, to create a dreamlike tale unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Written by GB Hajim.