Pacific Rim Review *Spoilers*

Pacific Rim Movie Poster

When I went to see Pacific Rim a week ago, I went with an open mind. I heard very different opinions from many people. I had heard that the acting was weak, and I’d heard that the Graphics were amazing, but excessive. Now, I’m not super critical of movies. I like to enjoy myself, and just accept them as entertaining.  But with Pacific Rim, I honestly felt that the acting was reasonable quality at least, but I think there wasn’t enough relationship development.  Then again, Mako and Becket never did end up in a romantic relationship.  To be totally honest, I was very surprised that they didn’t kiss at the end, although it WAS nice to have a movie that didn’t have a forced romance.  As for the concept, I loved Del Toro’s vision of the alternate universe, and the sheer size of the Kaiju.  The graphics were incredible, and the fighting massive.  I loved the Jaegers, and the sheer complexity of the machinery.

My One Regret

My only regret upon leaving the theater was that Del Toro didn’t cover the Kaijus’ leaders and their back story enough.  A sequel in my opinion would be nice, if they could come up with a good story.

Overall Recommendation 

I recommend this movie to any scifi lover!  My rating would be a 4 out of 5 stars.

~ Michael Daugherty(Founder)