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A longtime fan of science fiction, I have seen many science fiction films and series.

I am also a model builder, with my primary focus on science fiction space ships. I am also learning how to properly put LEDs into a model kit to light it up.

I was involved in The Origins as the script writer for the pilot movie, but due to creative differences I have not been involved in this project for quite a while.

I have been a fan of the Stargate franchise for many years (except for Infinity, which doesn’t count anyway!), and when I heard about Stargate Universe the Animated Fan Series I became involved in it as a script writer. After MGM and their lawyers ordered the group to shut down we abided for more than a year. During that time I continued to write scripts and come up with story ideas. When we reformed our group I stepped up as the lead script writer for the pilot episode. During the hiatus I had also created many other documents which will be used by other writers and other production staff working on the series, including a character bible, a character matrix, and a story layout which gives us a path the story will follow. The path will answer Destiny’s mission and if the crew will get home. I have also created several Stargate SG-1 crossover episodes which will answer questions created by stories.

If anyone is interested in participating in Stargate Universe the Animated Fan Series, we are always looking for animators who can do texturing. We are also looking for voice actors and story writers. Please contact me at make sure the subject of the email says Stargate Universe or it will be deleted. A Facebook account is suggested to participate in this group.

As a long time model builder I expanded my hobby into a business a few years ago and created Perry County Hobbies. I currently have an 8 foot square booth in the Old Sled Works Building in Duncannon, PA. Old Sled Works used to manufacture the Lightning Glider Sleds many years ago; it is now a craft and antique market place. My booth sells plastic model kits, pine wood derby cars, card games, toys and many other items. I sell hobby supplies at 15% off suggested retail price and special orders are always welcome.

Over the next few years I plan to start creating plastic model kits. Some will be add on parts, and others will be full kits. Watch for details on the Facebook page listed below.


My original web site. It includes one of the best online references for the Skybox Star Trek the Card Game,

and a Babylon 5 game I created as a school project.

My Perry County Hobbies web site.!/pages/Perry-County-Hobbies/215103061852503

The Facebook Page for Perry County Hobbies. It is constantly being updated. Watch this page for what’s new.