Like many of the series on SciFi /SyFy, Flash Gordon (2007-2008) wasn’t given a fair shot to go beyond one year. The series took the Flash Gordon mythology and expanded it while staying true to many of the basic ideas of comic.

The series stars Eric Johnson as Steven “Flash” Gordon, an all-star athlete.

His former girlfriend, Dale Arden, played by Gina Holden, is a reporter and is engaged to police officer Joe Wylee.

Jody Racicot plays Dr. Hans Zarkov, a former mental patient and scientist who worked with Flash Gordon’s father, Dr. Gordon.

Baylin is the tough girl bounty hunter from Mongo who joins the team after she is stranded on Earth. She despises her former employer, Ming, and is portrayed by Karen Cliché.

John Ralston portrays the benevolent father, Ming. Ming is a complete tyrant in this series with nearly no redeemable qualities. He puts people to death for smuggling water and women service him or are tortured. He also gave his daughter away just because she wanted to learn about politics.

Ming’s daughter, Aura, portrayed by Anna van Hooft, loves her father but can’t tolerate how he treats his people. She teams up with her long lost brother and Flash Gordon to free the people of Mongo from the rein of her father.

Mongo is populated by many groups of people and the series uses the episodes to explore their cultures. The biggest disappointment is the birdmen, the “Dactyls”. In this version they wear capes and can glide on the wind, think of a very cheap first generation version of the suits that were worn on Transformers 3 when the military teams glided into Chicago.

The Mill Creek DVD set is 4 discs in a single case. Each disc is in a simple black sleeve and stored in one side of the case. The artwork on the case and the DVDs is the same – it features Flash wearing a Dactyls outfit and Dale and Baylin on either side of him. Unlike Lexx, Mill Creek did number the discs, 1 through 4. Discs 1 and 2 have 6 episodes, and discs 3 and 4 have 5 episodes. The discs also list the episode titles and numbers on them.

Like nearly all Mill Creek DVDs there are no extras, including subtitles on the Flash Gordon set. This is also a disappointment since you will need to turn your television or home theater up just to hear things because the audio is fairly low in many cases.

The series has a retail price of $9.99 and was not available in stores when it came out about a month ago. That change in the end of June when Target started carrying it for $7.99.

Overall the audio and video quality seems good, and well worth the $7.99 I paid for it.

Spoiler Alert: If you have never seen Flash Gordon and you pick it up, prepare yourself for another science fiction series with an unresolved cliff hanger ending, but that isn’t Mill Creek’s fault!

Eugene Alex profile imageReview by: Eugene Alex.