It’s time to promote your project by sponsoring Save Sci-Fi! Save Sci-Fi is offering sponsorship placement on our fliers to the Farpoint Convention. http://farpointcon.com/  Support Save Sci-Fi and get seen by 900 Convention goers! Here’s how.

On our flier, we have 5 sponsor placments.

A Donation of $25.00 to Save Sci-Fi will get your link on our page, a post on our Facebook Page – with a special thank you, and your logo on our flier to the Farpoint convention. 3-available.

A $50.00 Donation will get all of the above, plus a link on our flier and a special sponsor spot on our website. For 3 months! 2-available.

A $100 Donation makes you our Main Sponsor. We will prominently display your logo, link and a short blurb about you or your project on our flier to the convention, You will get a special thank you post on our page and a special sponsor spot on our website at the top of the page for three months! 1-available.

Donations of less than $25.00 will get a sponsor link on our page and a thank you post on our FaceBook Page. no limit.

Right side-bar for donation button.———>

Why are we doing this? Simply, we want to support you, but we can’t do it alone.  Our sponsors help us bring more content to our fans, like contests, fun Sci-Fi games, and more, plus it allows us to pay for our hosting, get more influence from our website and hire writers to bring you great information about the latest Sci-Fi trends and helpful information for your creative projects.

Some limitations apply. Sponsor content must be in good taste, legal, unoffensive, and present some sort of benefit to our fans, whether in entertainment, information, or Sci-Fi related but not strictly on any of these points. Basically, your sponsorship can’t be unappealing to our members.

If all the sponsor spots are taken and you make a donation for a sponsor spot, you have the option of getting your money back, or reserving a spot for the next convention, which may include even more benefits.

900 fliers will be added to the convention packet, guaranteed to get in the hands of Convention goers.  Being a sponsor not only validates our efforts with Save Sci-Fi, but also shows that you are a person that cares about the promotion of Sci-Fi. That can be more valuable than paying for fliers yourself. People resonate with people, businesses, or groups that actively sponsor the improvement of what they love.

If we sell all of our sponsor spots, Grinning Studios, Save Sci-Fi’s Network Partner, will also provide a PR4 link from the Grinning Studios page to each sponsor for three months.  Grinning Studios gets 500-600 hits per day!

All funds go to Save Sci-Fi minus fees and taxes we must pay.  Our funds and sponsors are prominently displayed on our website in top right of our pages.

Offer ends Friday, February, 7th! Your logo’s and information must be given to us before the 8th!  Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do it without you.

Please message us for more details.

– Grin

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