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This video is a digest of topics discussed at the Save Sci-FI Panel at the Shore Leave 35 Convetion.

Topics included:
Eugene Alex talks about “Star Gate Universe: The Animated Series,” for which he is the lead writer of.

Sal Lagonia speaks about “Star Trek: Cardinal,” for which he is the writer of.

Michael Daugherty finishes up with the final projects including the following:

Nobility: A Sci-Fi Dramedy Produced by EJ De La Pena’s production company Cowboy Errant.

Save Sci-Fi’s Original Series: Project YXM – A Narrated Graphic Novel written by Bryan Baier.

The Sci-Fi Book “Deep Darkness,” by Stephen Landry.

The Sci-Fi Book “Star Crystal,” by DC Daines.

Strange Frame: An Animated Sci-Fi movie by GB Hajim.

Infinite TV

Immortal U

Save Sci-Fi is a community of science fiction fans originally created to bring attention to and support science fiction on the SyFy channel in danger of being cancelled in favor of non-science fiction programming. The group has since grown to a team of talented contributors and affiliations with many projects, and with the growth administrated by the Grinning Studios Network.
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