Falling Skies: The Ultimate Guide to Season 4

Falling Skies: The Ultimate Guide

By Tina D.K. Smith

Falling Skies is an amazing TNT series produced by Stephen Spielberg centering on a post-apocalyptic world after an alien invasion. The story follows the Masons, a family of (initially) a father and three sons, having lost their mother to an alien attack.

This series is not your classic ‘aliens attack people, people hide and run’ type of thing. This series is about humanity and how they deal differently with the situation, while at the same time dealing with aliens and kicking alien butt.

Meet the Characters (as seen in Season 1):

Tom Mason: History Professor, widower, father of three sons, second in command in the Second Mass.

Colonel Weaver: Military leader, in charge of the Second Mass, widower, father of two daughters

Hal Mason: Eldest son of Tom Mason, used to be a lacrosse player, now is a scout for the 2nd Mass.

Ben Mason: Middle son of Tom Mason, taken by the aliens and ‘harnessed’ {see in glossary at bottom of page} He now has connections to the aliens and spikes on his back due to the remnants of the harness.

Karen Nandler: Girlfriend of Hal Mason, lost all her family during the invasion, gets taken by the aliens and turned into their slave

John Pope: He is the head of the Berzerkers, a gang which joins the 2nd Mass. Ex-con. He hates the aliens and has a heated relationship with Tom Mason after he kidnapped him and his sons.

Maggie: Maggie was with the Berzerkers initially where she was raped by two of their members for months. When they joined the Second Mass, she became a scout in order to atone for contributing to the initial kidnapping.

Matt Mason: The youngest of the Mason sons. He wants to fight with the 2nd Mass, but his father does not want him to lose his innocence too early.

Lourdes Delgado: Young medical student who was on her 2nd year of Pre-Med before the invasion happened. She now works as a medic for the 2nd Mass.


These are your ‘need to knows’ if you are watching Falling Skies [current to season 4]

Human: The race which resides on planet Earth and has for 4 million years approximately.

Skitters: Slang term for the green multi-legged beings that initially took over the planet. In Season 1 it is discovered that in fact they also have harnesses on [see term below] and are therefore slaves to a superior alien species.

Harness: This is a bio-mechanoid device which is attached to the captured child’s back and forces them into mindless submission, as they release toxins into the affected’s blood. This harness gives them the ability to communicate with each other without having to speak and over long distances, with exceptional strength, as well as not ever needing to sleep due to the fact they do not get tired.

Overlord/ Eshpheni: They are the ultimate race who are in charge of the Skitters. They are grey with long bodies and heads that resemble fishes {hence the nickname ‘Fish Heads’} They have a ‘Plan’ for everyone and believe that the fate of humanity and Earth is simply a result of whatever comes of that plan.

Eye-worm: There are a type of tiny, worm-like alien which usually enters through the eye and lives within it’s host, going into their brain and often controlling it as well as allowing the person in charge of it to see things through their eyes once inserted into theirs [as seen by Red-Eye doing so in season 2]

The Volm: A new alien species introduced at the end of season 2. They are lead by Cochise. The Volm have been at war with the Eshpeni for a very long time and have been almost chasing them across the galaxy in order to defeat them after their planet was destroyed. They are grey with human-like eyes and have shared their technology with humanity, such as de-harnessing machines and weapons vital in turning the war around.

Season 1 Recap

“I was in school when the ships came” – Matt Mason

Season 1 begins 3 months after the alien invasion. The government had not attacked the alien ships when they first came due to a fear that they may be friendly, something which was proven a bad decision. The survivors were split into several groups, told to go out and gather supplies, surviving on their own while at the same time interacting with the command.

The Second Mass was assembled under the command of Colonel Weaver, a man who pretty much only cared about the military’s survival, not seeing the potential of the civilians. Tom Mason was put second in command, taking care of his two sons while looking for his middle son Ben who was taken and harnessed by the Skitters. His eldest son Hal was put in the Scouts with his girlfriend Karen and on motorcycles, they try to find supplies for the 300 members the Mass had.

On one of their missions, they discovered that the children that had been harnessed were being used to build things, not that anyone knew what or why. It was then that Hal saw his younger brother Ben. After several arguments, a child was taken in to test a new method of deharnessing which would not kill the child, as simply pulling it off did. When the procedure worked under Dr. Anne Glass, Ben came back, but all his supernatural abilities began to unravel. He could skip a rope for 3 hours without breaking a sweat, he could feel and hear any alien or harnessed kid around him; their abilities were becoming known. During Ben’s salvation however, [or slightly before], Hal’s girlfriend, Karen becomes harnessed, Hal being forced to watch a group of young children be shot in front of him as a message.

During an autopsy on an Skitter, a harness is discovered underneath the outer skin, showing that they are slaves to another superior species to their own, and were enslaved as the human children were at the time. It was not much later that the alien species that was above them, the Eshpheni made their appearance.

As the season moved on we saw the first ever successfully de-harnessed boy, Eric, be taken back in by the Skitters as he felt that they were closer to him than his family, while giving away the secrets of the Second Mass. This way the aliens now knew their location.

Karen, now very much in contact with the aliens and slave to the ‘head’ of them, an Eshpheni ends up confronting Tom Mason, telling him that they will be after his son Ben unless he came with them, eventually ending up with Tom going onto the mother-ship, against Colonel Weaver’s consent.

Season 2 Recap

“I refuse to sign my own death warrant” – Ben Mason

3 months after Tom was taken on the ship, a lot changed. Ben embraced his powers and became a soldier, doing the hardest jobs with ease. All three boys gained in independence in their fathers absence. However, on a mission three months later, after shooting a Skitter, Ben realises that behind it was his father, having shot him as well by mistake. Having him rushed to Anne, Tom’s partner and doctor of the 2nd Mass, Ben feels major guilt for shooting his father.

Tom gets better but it is discovered that there is an eye-worm has been implanted in his eye, which is hectically removed by Anne and Lourdes, her younger medical assistant. The eye-worm then flies away to a Skitter who has a red eye, later actually known as Red-Eye. This causes doubts among the 2nd Mass about whether or not Tom is to be trusted after his alien encounter.

A woman comes down with an old aeroplane, claiming that there is a town, Charleston in which there is a government and everyone is gathered, approaching them in order to go before moving on to find other groups of survivors in order to tell them the same news.

The 2nd Mass having lost all other hope decides to head to Charleston to see whether or not it is real. After several doubts and a serious casualty [Jimmy Boland dies when he is on a scouting mission with Ben trying to hunt down and kill Skitters]. They discover a city burned to the ground when they get there, only to later on find out with the help of their old friend that the city of Charleston they were told about was actually underneath the city they had seen burned in the old Underground.

They go there and decide to make a mission to unite with the Rebel Skitters, a group of Skitters who claim that they have managed after several hundred years of incarceration to resist the effects of the harness and are now creating a Rebellion against them. Ben Mason, Tom’s son who had left several weeks earlier was with them, supporting their cause.

A coupe occurred when the military in Charleston took over, convinced only by Tom Mason to allow the civilian government back in control. Huge weaponry was being built by the Eshpheni but it was pointing towards the sky despite the fact they knew about the humans relocation to Charleston.

The guns are eventually destroyed and Karen tries to torture the members of the 2nd Mass that ended up doing so, revealing Anne is pregnant. They manage to escape and return to Charleston, having lost Dai, a soldier who had been with them since the very beginning.

After being kissed by his ex-girlfriend Karen, Hal ends up being in some sort of comma which Anne cannot explain. When everyone leaves the room, Hal wakes up and the eye-worm which has been implanted is revealed.

Their victory was short lived as the moment they began to celebrate having taken down the machines, an alien race seems to appear out of nowhere and land right in front of Charleston. The Volm have arrived.

Season 3 Recap

“I trust him” – Tom Mason

7 months after the Volms’ arrival, an alliance has been formed between the new President of the New United States, Tom Mason and the Volm leader Cochise. The Volm have given humans new technology including advanced weaponry as well as a machine which permanantely de-harnesses children, not leaving any side effects or extraordinary abilities. After questioning with himself, Ben decides he doesn’t want to get rid of his spikes as they are what make him useful.

Meanwhile, in Charleston, a bit of an uproar occurs as the mission becomes compromised once more. Since this was not the first mission that had been ambushed, it was the assumption of everyone that there was a mole in their midst, someone they trusted.

Anne goes into labour and gives birth to a little girl, Alexis. But shortly after her birth, Alexis or Lexi as she is called begins showing peculiar symptoms such as being able to talk and stand, something which a newborn clearly cannot do. Anne decides to leave Charleston for everyone’s safety after being considered going insane by everyone around her. However, as she leaves she is taken hostage by Skitters and kept by Karen.

Hal begins through slow physiotherapy and under the care of his partner Maggie to recuperate, allowing him to get up from his wheelchair slowly. However, not all is as it seems as Hal’s nightmares begin becoming more vivid, and Maggie finds mud on the bottom of his boots, indicating he has been walking to the forest. Maggie ends up finding him in the forest, where he passes out in her arms unaware that he was actually able to walk. After a battle between Hal and the eye-worm inside him, Hal slowly loses the fight and the eye-worm takes control of him.

Ben finds a new best friend called Denni. Matt begins making trouble around places as he has new friends in school who he wants to impress by skipping school. However, Matt realises that he is being troublesome and stops, eventually making peace with Anne and starting to call her mom.

The President of the United States before the invasion is found and Tom goes to meet him with his ally Cochise on a plane driven by John Pope. There is an attack at their base, once more work of the mole, and both of the planes go down, one containing Cochise and the President and the other Tom and Pope. Tom and Pope survive and Cochise manages to return to Charleston holding the President, alive and well.

But then all was revealed as the President was assassinated in his hospital bed by no other than the ‘innocent’ Lourdes Delgado who had several eye-worms in-planted in her. The eye-worm in Hal’s eye is removed after it is figured out ironically by Lourdes herself.

This led to her being used as bait from the 2nd Mass, leading the aliens into a trap. Alexis and Anne were retrieved and Karen was killed, by the initial shot by Tom Mason who thought that he has lost another wife and his daughter after Karen’s illusion and then by the finishing shot made by Maggie.

Alexis, now in the body of a 6-7 year old girl being only a couple of months old cured Lourdes by taking out the eye worms, revealing a small fragment of her abilities.

Season 4 promises

Season 4 has seen a new showrunner, David Eik, who had promised that this season will be more scifi than the last 3 and promised lots of action…will they manage to fullfill that promise?

Season 4 Preview analysis {spoiler alert}

The video contains the first five minutes of the season premiere. Link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNJ2tdRTE_Q

A hell of a lot happens even within the first five minutes of the premiere. The humans who are heading to Charleston are disrupted by an attack from above using technology that we have never seen before, which seperates them into several different sections. Anne is trapped away from her daughter Lexi, Tom gets hit and can’t get up, being protected by Hal who is shooting up and Ben has Lexi in his hands running away. Matt has managed to get away but is on his own and Lyle ends up becoming disintegrated by the green beams in these new machines, becoming the first casualty of the season.

After interviews with Sarah Sanguin Carter at Comic Con it was also uncovered that there will be a new love-triangle between Ben, Hal and Maggie. How that will work: God knows? But it will surely be interesting to find out!

{{ Link to interview with Sarah Sanguin Carter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpjq_8YpbBA }}

This season promises a lot. It looks amazing. And thankfully, this season consists of 12 rather than the usual 10 episodes. 2 more episodes and chances to plot!

That’s obviously my view on it…what’s yours?

Season 4 premieres June 22nd on TNT at 10/9c. Don’t miss it!

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