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Hi everyone!

My name’s Melinda, but everyone that knows me calls me Mel. I live north of Brisbane, Australia, and have done so for the last 36 years. I have been working in child care since 2000, and still love it! Though my other loves are: going to the movies, watching my favourite television shows, enjoying time with my friends and family, shopping, and of cause cosplaying at conventions and anywhere really! My all time favourite television show is Stargate SG-1,and will forever enjoy watching all ten seasons. I really enjoy watching the movie Stargate Continuum as well. In regards to movies, I enjoy a mixture of genres, but seeing a sci-fi movie is always going to be cool. There aren’t enough of them.

In regards to cosplaying, I started this adventure back in 2010 for my second Supanova in Brisbane. I wore a Harry Potter inspired costume, and then started my Stargate SG-1 blue uniform. From there, I have added numerous pieces and aspects to it, and for now I think it is done. I’m sure I will find more things to add to it. My other costumes cover a wide range of genres, and I will forever enjoying being someone I am not.

Another aspect that I haven’t mentioned is my enjoyment of writing and creating computer graphics on Photoshop. I have been working on this for quite some time, and these days I enjoying creating things for friends to give as birthday presents. I have one piece that I printed onto a canvas to enter into an event. Fingers crossed. If I get some positive feedback, I may do more and print more creations onto canvases. Because I do love sci-fi television shows and movies, I will continue to share this fantastic genre with others.


aka Mel

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