Senile Sci-Fi Reviews Independence Day: Resurgence. Now get off my lawn!

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For those of you who are new to the science fiction world, or just happened to be born in this century, this movie is the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster INDEPENDENCE DAY. Which I, ironically, watched in Canada.
Now I could tell you the story line of the old movie and compare it to the new movie, but you could just watch the new movie and have the old one pretty much figured out.
So, let’s begin.
It has been twenty years since the aliens that ravaged Earth have been defeated, by Microsoft. And they still haven’t learned to leave us pesky humans alone. So bigger, badder, and more determined, they have returned. Humans, however, have been preparing for this moment for two decades.
The Earth will find that its preparations were woefully inadequate and disaster looms. However Humans are a resilient bunch and armed with some unexpected help, they band together to fight back.

To be blunt, this is a thrill ride movie. One that you can walk into, turn off your brain and enjoy. The action is well spread out and keeps the plot moving even when it’s threatening to stall. Yes there are plot holes galore with the addition of an unnecessary time crunch, but the movie is still worth the price of the ticket and popcorn.
The great thing about a movie like this is that it moves fast enough that you don’t get a chance to analyze the plot holes until the movie is over and you can reflect back on it.

For instance: Why are humans taking advice from an alien that got its ass kicked?
Why aren’t our weapons, which are based on the alien technology, more effective?
How did London get rebuilt so perfectly to look exactly like it does today when it must have been destroyed 20 years ago?
Who decided to put the entire command structure of the US in the same place at the same time?
How did humans duplicate the alien power source for weapons but not for anything else?
And finally, why can’t any race function without female leadership?

All and all, the movie is good. Filled with stirring speeches, action, and a little (very little) drama. Most of the characters are stereotypical but still well played out. The hero, the rouge, the comic relief and the Brainiac are all present to fill out the predicable character base.

Fist pumping speeches and superficial characters aside the movie threatens to become a yearly standard on TNT every year, just like its predecessor. The only question left is, will the movie make enough money to justify us taking the fight to the aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY 3.

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