Contributor: Nenad Kirich

77813_473018457137_6790232_oBorn and living in Croatia, a little nature gem in the heart of Europe, Nenad Kirich is a software analyst during work hours, and an avid SciFi consumer in his spare time. He wasn’t really a fan of reading as a kid, but in the last couple of years embraced the written form too, especially short stories, and there are a lot of short form gems out there decades old and new. Just keep ’em coming!

His first serious contact with SciFi was back in the 1990’s, in his 5th grade in primary school with StarTrek: The Next Generation. From there it just went exponential. Anyone remember Space Above and Beyond or Babylon5, what about *cough* Automan? Yes we are getting old. 🙂

This is his first try-out as a writer of any kind so be gentle and of course all constructive criticism is more than welcome. Engage!

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