Contributor: Kris Kramer

DSC_5004_mediumDallas native, software engineer, author, and nerd.

Kris Kramer is the author of over a dozen fantasy and sci-fi novels, including Olympia, Sanctuary, the popular indie series Rise of Cithria, Tales of the Lore Valley, Halflord, and the upcoming Goblin Hunter. Watched science fiction movies and TV shows with his parents growing up, including regular weekly viewings of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who, and Transformers. In other words, a true child of the 80s.

Kris has even dabbled in screenwriting and film-making, working on the short-lived internet shows Crime Boss and Lake Cops. Yes, everyone still asks him about Lake Cops. And yes, he is STILL working on it. At some point it will happen for real.

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