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Ghostbusters: (possible spoilers)

Now I might be an old fuddy duddy, but I don’t mind the reboots of successful films of yesteryear. Except for Spiderman. Rebooting spiderman three times in ten years or so seems a little excessive. But I digress.
Which brings me to the latest reboot, ghostbusters.
Our story opens with one scientist trying to walk away from their paranormal past, while her friend is attempting to convince her that all is not lost and there is actual science to ghosts and the like.
Minds are changed, alliances forged and decisions are made and the ghostbusters are born. Well sort of. It takes a while for the ghostbuster name to appear.
Now unlike a lot of others I thought that this film played decent homage to the first franchise. The characters were smart, funny, well written and Melissa McArthy wasn’t allowed to go on long profanity laced rants.
The character combination was well worked with the genius, the engineer, the history buff and the driver of the group. They all had good chemistry that complimented each other even if Kate McKinnon’s character did ooze a creepy sexual, undertone that seemed completely unnecessary.
In fact the only character I didn’t care for was Chris Hemsworth as the lovable buffoon, Kevin. Not because he was simply eye candy, but because he played a character that was so stupid he wouldn’t be able to function in a place like New York. He fed into the dumb blonde stereotypes with such a vigor that one would believe he would need post it notes around him to remind him to breathe.

As always, with a film like this, it’s fun to play spot the cameos, even if most of them were kind of in the audience’s face. It took no genius to figure out who Leslie Jone’s uncle was going to turn out to be.
For the more musically inclined there were even some musical cameos that were callbacks to the original movies and soundtracks. Those are more subtle but still fun to realize.

All in all the movie is worth the watch. It has nice visual effects, strong characters and a decent plot line.
It is definitely aided by the big screen of the theater and the group atmosphere.
My recommendation is buy the ticket, eat the popcorn and relax and enjoy. Even if you won’t find yourself laughing as long or hard as you did at the original, the movie speeds along fast enough that you don’t notice the lack of outright comedy.

A special note for those of you that might have a problem with the all-female cast, get over it. They did a good job. Also on that note, those that think that it was an insult to the original, just remember that this film was produced by Dan Aykroyd. So I have a hard time believing that he would produce his own insult.

Until next week. Get off my lawn!!!!

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