Galacticon: Columbia Comic Con 2016

1st Annual Columbia Comic Con

July 31, 2016: Columbia, Maryland – USA

Two weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to go to the first annual Columbia Comic Con in Columbia, Maryland.  Let me just say, it was amazing to have a con within 15 minutes of my house for once!  So, I knew it was going to be a smaller con, especially seeing as it was the first year, so I didn’t have unreasonable expectations that I might have had for Awesome Con in D.C., or SDCC.  Columbia Comic Con surpassed my expectations though, and I can’t wait till next year!  Here’s what the con did right!

The Cost:  With an admission price of only $10, and no celebrity guests, it’s insane that I spent the same amount or more than at many larger ones.  Cost is a major thing for fans, and Columbia Comic Con could have easily charged $20 or $30.  Instead, they made admission far cheaper than any other con I’ve heard of.  Props to them!   (Edit: I have been informed that they will be maintaining that price in the future!)

The Vendors:  Everyone there at the con was incredibly friendly.  Despite being a small con, there were far more vendors than I expected, and they were VERY diverse.  Not only were they diverse, but except for a comic book store or two local to the area, all of the vendors were regular people, selling their creations and collections.  Those vendors who weren’t selling their original creations had rare collectibles, such as rare comic books, out of circulation Star Trek: The Original Series Phasers, and more!  There were a ton of lego items as well, like necklaces and 200 piece lego pokemon kits.  What I loved most were the original creations, and I collected multiple business cards for people on Etsy.  I saw Star Trek, Star Wars, and Marvel clocks made out of old records (I bought a Star Trek one), I saw homemade Dragon Eggs from GOT, and so much more!


The Booths:  Among the non-Vendor groups there were the Charm City Ghostbusters, fully decked out and taking pictures with everyone who wanted one, STEMBright, The Saber Legion, with lightsaber fighting demonstrations, multiple other cosplayers, and more!  I want to give a special shout out to STEMBright for bringing an Oculus Rift for people to try out.  It was awesome!


The Venue:  While the main room got a little warm throughout the con, it was still perfectly livable, and the DoubleTree Hotel was very comfortable to visit.  Having multiple entrances was also nice, so no one entrance ever had too long of a line, and it took no more than a minute or two to get in.

It truly was a blast, and if you live in the area, I highly recommend you attend!  Here’s to it getting even better in the future!

By: Michael Daugherty