Senile Scifi: Star Trek, Beyond. Now get off my lawn!


by Richard Griffith on July 21, 2016

Senile Sci-fi
By: Richard Griffith
Author: Lady Excalibur and Levi Garret, Space Detective series
The thoughts and ramblings of an old author and his views on science fiction, past and present.

STAR TREK: BEYOND (possible spoilers)
So ya, I might be old fashioned, but there are just some things that are sacred. Like old Star Trek. Now don’t get me wrong Star Trek Beyond was good, and worth seeing, but there were just some things I couldn’t reconcile.
So our story opens with Kirk, the cadet who became captain of the flagship of the federation before he even graduated, questioning the monotony of deep space and his entire mission. So much so that for some insane reason the federation is willing to give this kid, who’s maybe five years out of the academy, a vice admiral position. Makes me really question my 24 years of service as an enlisted man.
But he’s not the only one with issues. The over emotional Spock is also dealing with issues of his own. Still wallowing in pity over the loss of his planet and now the death of someone else close to him. He cries, he laughs, he’s a symphony. He even uses bad language much worse than the “double dumb ass on you.”.
Still the crew soldiers on and after visiting a monstrous space station, they respond to a distress call from an uncharted nebula which happens to be right next to the afore mentioned monstrous space station. As if the federation would build a mega structure and not check out their new neighbors.
Low and behold a powerful enemy is waiting and after they manage to turn the Enterprise into the next Roswell, they go on a hunt for the crew.
On the surface of the planet that the scanners said was lifeless. New friends are found alliances forged and a new ship, that its own captain seems to have forgotten about, are put to use.
In the end, vengeance is shown not to be the way of the future and the good guys save the day, courtesy of some head banging rock and roll.
Now it might seem like I’m completely against this movie as indicated by all the holes in it I’ve pointed out above. But I’m really not. In truth the character dynamics work well. There is genuine humor and intrigue, and action scenes that allow you to go to the bathroom and get back without having missed any dialog.
It is even a little bit of a thinking man’s movie, in which if you can decipher the clues you can figure out who the bad guy is. Of course the big clue isn’t given until moments before his ID is revealed, which as a mystery writer I always found a bit hokey.
I think the movie is worth the watch. Although if you have hearing problems, like I do, you may want the assistive devices as some of the dialog is tough to understand.
Oh, and a word to those who don’t like the fact that Sulu is gay. Get over it. It’s the future. We don’t judge here.