StarQuest Convention 2016

StarQuest Convention 2016

StarQuest Convention held it’s 2nd Annual Convention July 30th and 31st at the Fredrick, MD Holiday Inn. Like many of the conventions held in Maryland, it is small and inexpensive so you can enjoy the convention without sinking a lot of money into it and autographs.

Guests were:

Tim Russ – Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager

Hilary Shepard – Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo

Vinent M Ward – Oliver from The Walking Dead

Natalya Nogulich – Star Trek’s Admiral Nechayev

Bill Blair – He has played the most aliens

Donald F Glut – Author of Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back

Carl Taliaferro – Make up artist


The good:

The guests were easy to meet with and getting autographs was no trouble.  Hilary and Natalya were very nice, and if you have never met them, you will enjoy their company.

The bad:

This was the second year for StarQuest Convention and they seem to be having problems attracting vendors and patrons. The “vendors” area had 1 vendor selling his personal collection, Farpoint Con had a table, GNC had a table, an author had a table, a dance team had a table, and one or two other groups had tables.  At least one guest seemed to be unhappy. I attended on Sunday and there were less than 20 patrons attending the convention. There was also no gaming or fan films.


Overall, I would rate StarQuest Convention a 4/10. Most of the guests were wonderful, but the lack of a dealers room is of real need for improvement. I would like to see this convention succeed, but they will need to attract more dealers and patrons to do so.


By: Eugene Alex