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We have gathered a fantastic team of writers and graphic artists to bring you news from both the Science Fiction and Science Fact worlds, reviews of science fiction across all kinds of mediums, unique Writers’ Columns, Convention Reports, podcast episodes, new indie projects, and much more!

We will be posting here each week, and from this homepage you will be able to see what’s new each week so you don’t have to search! (We do, however, encourage you to look around!)

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Podcast Episodes: 

  1. Save Sci-Fi Podcast W/David: Special #06 – An interview with Ksenia Solo
  2. Save Sci-Fi Podcast W/David: Special #05 – An interview with Mitch Pileggi
  3. Save Sci-Fi Podcast W/David: Ep.100 – 50yrs of Star Trek
  4. Save Sci-Fi Podcast W/David: Ep.099 –  Just chatting
  5. Save Sci-Fi Podcast W/David: Ep.098; Star Trek Discovery, Killjoys and Dark Matter Update


  1. Senile Sci-Fi Reviews: Supergirl
  2. Radioactive Dreams
  3. Senile SciFi, Armageddon Reef, David Weber
  4. Senile SciFi, Out of the Dark, David Weber
  5. Titanfall’s Alpha Test Weekend 1 & The Changes made

Sci-Fi News:

  1. Rejoice! KillJoys and Dark Matter Renewed for Season 3!!!

Con Report:

  1. StarQuest Convention 2016
  2. Galacticon: Columbia Comic Con 2016