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Senile Sci-Fi Reviews; Suicide squad. Now get off my lawn!Suicide-Squad-2016
by Richard Griffith on august 16, 2016
Senile Sci-fi
By: Richard Griffith
Author: Lady Excalibur and Levi Garret, Space Detective series
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Suicide squad (possible spoilers)
Now I’m a guy who lived his childhood when the only cartoons that were on tv were on Saturday morning. Also the comic books weren’t quite turning dark yet. Image and dark horse comics hadn’t yet made an appearance and the anti-hero wasn’t really a thing yet.
Needless to say I changed with the times in that regard. Now there are simply too many comics and crossovers to keep up with and still have that thing called a life, but I’m at least familiar with the who’s who in the comic book universe.
That being said, the movie was, in a word, awesome.
Although I did find some problems with the flick.
Will Smith seems to simply be Will Smith throughout, and never gets dark as a professional assassin like dead shot should.
Harley Quinn steals the show with her outrageous attitude and antics.
El Diablo had a level of complexity that made him very sympathetic to relate to.
Killer Croc was played to a T.
Captain Boomerang was excellent, but didn’t get the screen time he should have.
Katana was awesome. and left to be a bit of a mystery.
The one thing that really chaffed me about the film was the Joker. As much as he is built up in the previews and billed as a starring role, his screen time was miniscule. Although Jarred Leto really brought forth the internal conflicts and dynamics of the character even in the limited time on screen. You even get to see the point at which his own insanity gives way to his feelings for Harley.
The one scene that upset me, especially as a veteran, was a brutal scene with Amanda Waller that is designed to show her ruthless ambition. What it actually shows is that she would find it impossible to get anyone to work for her.
All in all, it is a good film, well shot, good solid storyline, action and a couple of turns in character development that keep the audience interested.
The film did seem rushed in some points and there were a couple of scenes that were edited too short on either end which made it feel rushed in some spots, but not enough to affect the film very much.
I would give the movie four stars out of five and would recommend you see it on the big screen. Go grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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