Titanfall 2’s Alpha Test Weekend 1 & The Changes made


With The Second Titanfall 2 Alpha Test weekend around the Corner (Literally) We here at Save Scifi wanted to do a bit of a recap on the first Alpha weekend. In the first Alpha Test Weekend we saw just how much Titanfall has changed since the previous installment released back in 2014. We saw New Titans, abilities, Pilot Weapons & game modes. I personally had a great time playing the Alpha Test 1 and look forward to jumping into a Titan again this weekend. Though it would seem not everyone was as happy as I was, however Respawn did infact listen to its fans and has since made massive changes that we will get to test out in weekend 2.

One of the biggest and best changes comes with the Titan meter (the bar slowly fills up till you can call in a titan). When Alpha weekend 1 launched the only way to fill the Titan Meter was by completing objectives, whereas in Titanfall 1 pilots would generate Titan Meter every few seconds. The way things were in Alpha Test 1 of Titanfall 2 had fans frustrated and Titans scarce, many times I would see players on both teams get Titans towards the end of the match. In the Alpha test 2 “Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.” In addition to gaining Titan Meter by completing objectives. In my opinion this will lead us to seeing a better amount of Titans in the next alpha test weekend, the game is called Titanfall after all.  (You can see the rest of the changes here)


Of the three game modes I played my favorite was bounty hunt in which Players hunt NPC

soldiers, sentinels and even Titans in order to gain cash before depositing it into one of two banks at the end of each round. Unlike other game modes It stood out because not many games have a mode that throws two teams of players against each other AND a bunch of AI units at the same time. Obviously the AI infantry and sentinels are nothing new as they played supporting roles of the pilots (players) in Titanfall but the way they’re used in this mode stands out in a good way.


Overall I was fairly impressed by the first alpha test and look forward to the second one, which is luckily around the corner. Aside from the difficulty of obtaining a Titan the combat felt smooth and fluid, the classic weapons we were already familiar with felt great and the new weapons were a great addition, my favorite being the Spitfire LMG. Ion was my prefered Titan of choice and the new rodeo mechanics in my opinion made the balance between Pilot and Titan more even, as now you just have to rip out the core then chuck in a grenade. This weekend they’ll be adding three new weapons and one additional map for us to try out so be sure to have the application downloaded on PS4 or Xbox One or if you can’t you can check me out at Gaming In Progress as I’ll be livestreaming gameplay. Also be sure to check out my additional thoughts below in the video. So in the words Of Brysi Grab a Keyboard or controller and grab a keyboard or a controller and come along!