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Senile Sci-Fi Reviews; Out of the Dark, by David Weber. Now get off my lawn!out-of-the-dark
by Richard Griffith on July 21, 2016 edit
Senile Sci-fi
By: Richard Griffith
Author: Lady Excalibur and Levi Garret, Space Detective series
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Out of the Dark: David Weber (possible spoilers)
Now I joined Save SciFi to do reviews, and the wonderful people there have given me a pretty free hand. And although I like to do movie reviews, sometimes you just don’t have the time, energy or for a starving artist, the funds to go to the movies every week.
So in accordance with that frame of mind I also said I would review books, games and old movies as well as new.
So here is my very first book review for SAVE SCIFI. Just shut up and read it.
Now I make no secret that my favorite modern author is David Weber. I will be reviewing some of his other work here in the future. Of course the man has over 20 million books sold, so I doubt he really needs my opinion, but I digress.
The 2010 book, Out of the Dark, is a different approach to David Weber’s previous work. No long running operas that are set in the distant future here. Just the modern day alien invasion.
Our story begins with a group of aliens watching events unfold down on Earth. At this point in time the English, under King Henry, are embroiled in a war with the French. Sword and shield are the order of the day, and knights in shining armor are aplenty. Outnumber by staggering odds the English king decides to do the unthinkable and take the offensive. The aliens believe the English to be crazy, then watch in horror as five thousand English troops massacre thirty six thousand French.
Disgusted by what they see, they aliens deem the Earth to be uncivilized, and ripe for conquest and re-education. So they travel back home and assign the task to the most violent members of their federation. To that end, a massive army is assembled and sent to conquer the backward humans.
Of course, here’s the rub. It takes around five hundred years for all this to happen. So by the time the dog like aliens, nicknamed the ‘puppies’ by humans, arrive, the bow and arrow and flintlock society they expect isn’t there. Instead the world outside your window is what they see.
Forging ahead with their plans they seem to still be having it all their own way. Kinetic bombardment destroys cities and decimates armies. Then the ground war begins. This is where the aliens, who have never fought anything above revolutionary war technology, run head long into the King Henry or Chesty Puller mentality. When everything looks hopeless, your backs to the wall, you’re out gunned and outnumbered, attack.
Now I don’t want to give away the ending, but this book is 90% brilliance and 10% WTF????? I remember reading it and actually yelling out loud “Oh come on” when the savior of the human race is revealed.
Now this is a book I will still recommend. The characters are interesting, the plot superb, and the action riveting. I have not only read it more than once, but look forward to any sequel that might be produced.
I highly recommend taking a day, sitting back, and reading this excellent work of science fiction. Or you could read mine. It might not be better than Weber’s, but I need the money more than he does.
See you next week. Now get off my lawn!!!!

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