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Senile Sci-Fi Reviews; Armageddon Reef, by David Weber . Now get off my lawn!Armageddon_Reef_cover
by Richard Griffith on July 21, 2016 edit
Senile Sci-fi
By: Richard Griffith
Author: Lady Excalibur and Levi Garret, Space Detective series
The thoughts and ramblings of an old author and his views on science fiction, past and present.
Armageddon Reef (possible spoilers)
Now like I said last week, my current favorite author is David Weber. With that being said, however, I was less than kind to his book “Out of the Dark”. It was not my favorite, but still a good read. So to make it up to the author whom I would most like to emulate, I thought I would put out a review of one of my favorite series of his.
Now to be blunt, the entire Safehold series, which now consists of 8 soon to be 9 books, is fantastic. It’s a miss matched mix of ancient technology and super advanced science stuff. Cybernetic avatars, recon skimmers, Viking war galleys and castles are all part of the landscape.
The problem is that the human race was being hunted down and exterminated. We were fighting a losing war and every time we tried to escape, the aliens tracked us down. Soon it is theorized that it is our own technological signature that is giving our presence away to the aliens. So a plan is enacted to introduce mankind onto a planet, with no memories, and given only a medieval level of technology.
But it doesn’t end there. To make sure that humans don’t advance to the point where their technology gives them away a severely repressive church is put into place with extreme punishments enacted for anyone violating the ban on technology.
Enter our hero. A cybernetic mechanism that looks human in every respect, but is basically immortal. Powered down and put in a cave she is loaded with the personality of a Commander who has been dead almost a thousand years.
Now woken up, she is given instructions to break the church’s repressive grip on this world and let the innovative humans fly free.
The problem is that the church, which has amassed so much power, does not want to go quietly into that good night. Nor do they understand why they should.
Wars begin, kings are toppled and innovations begin to rage like wildfire.
Like all his books this one is intricately done with riveting story lines, complex characters and incredible detail. In fact, my one problem with a lot of David Weber’s writing is that he puts in a lot of unnecessary information. Still his books are hard to put down and I would highly recommend spending a couple of days with them. I myself devour them as fast as they come out and am already on the waiting list for the ninth book in the series.
Take some time, slow down, and crack a good book. Or if you can’t find a good book, try one of mine.
Until next week. Now get off my lawn!!!

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