Radioactive Dreams

Senile Sci-Fi Reviews; Radioactive Dreams . Now get off my lawn!radioactive-dreams
by Richard Griffith on Sept 08, 2016
Senile Sci-fi
By: Richard Griffith
Author: Lady Excalibur and Levi Garret, Space Detective series
The thoughts and ramblings of an old author and his views on science fiction, past and present.
Now there are times to go see a good movie. Times when one just wants to sit back, relax with a bag of popcorn and a soda too big for their bladder and veg out.
Then there are times for a bad movie. A movie so bad that you can’t stop watching it, even with all the bad dialog, plot holes and bad acting.
Radioactive Dreams, is one of these movies.
Our story begins with two guys with two kids. Why these guys have kids with them when they are doing something highly illegal is never explained. Anyway, right in the middle of their deal a nuclear war begins.
So being the good parents these guys are, they lock a couple of five-year-olds into a bunker and take off.
Something akin to two decades later the kids, who have miraculously survived, finally break out.
Now for two decades the only contact these rodents have had with the outside world have been a few detective novels left behind. So guess what kind of world they are expecting to find?
Needless to say, they learn the hard way the art of the double cross, dames can’t be trusted and dwarf disco mutants are evil.
Still, our good guys perceiver in an attempt to find the keys to the last known nuclear missile. Something “Guaranteed” to grant whoever has them the power to rule whatever is left of the world. Completely leaving aside the impracticality of actually using said weapon.
Now bad writing and plot aside, the acting can’t be beat. For last place at any thespian convention that is. Michael Dudikoff and John Stockwell (who was in top gun for five seconds as cougar) try their best to save a horrible film. But not even guest appearances by George Kennedy are enough to pull this stinker from the sewers.
Billed in 1985 as the next big blockbuster in the science fiction genre. But failing to make even a quarter million at the box office doomed this film to the ashcan of history. Try to find a copy, I dare you. I actually watched it on Youtube a few months ago with plenty of alcohol and wisecracking involved.
Still, if you want to waste an hour and a half of your life that you will never get back, grab some liquid libations and cue it up. After all a movie with the last line being “You never know in pinch when a nuclear missile might just come in handy” Can’t be all bad, can it?
Or if you want to actually do something useful, Take some time, slow down, and crack a good book. Or if you can’t find a good book, try one of mine.
Until next week. Now get off my lawn!!!