FTL part 1 – Save Sci-Fi Let’s Play

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Save Sci-Fi is a community of science fiction fans originally created to bring attention to and support science fiction on the SyFy channel in danger of being cancelled in favor of non-science fiction programming. The group has since grown to a team of talented contributors and affiliations with many projects, and with the growth administrated by the Grinning Studios Network.
The full list of credits can be found at http://www.savesci-fi.com/credits .

Save Sci-Fi has grown from fans just trying to prevent SyFy from becoming another MTV like tragedy to supporting Science Fiction in all media – specifically new science fiction, and providing our community with more sci-fi goodness we can all enjoy, support, and be a part of.

David plays FTL and fails horribly at it.. See how far he gets in one of his first attempts…

Save Sci Fi – Science, Innovation, and Imagination.

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