Titanfall 2’s Alpha Test Weekend 1 & The Changes made


With The Second Titanfall 2 Alpha Test weekend around the Corner (Literally) We here at Save Scifi wanted to do a bit of a recap on the first Alpha weekend. In the first Alpha Test Weekend we saw just how much Titanfall has changed since the previous installment released back in 2014. We saw New Titans, abilities, Pilot Weapons & game modes. I personally had a great time playing the Alpha Test 1 and look forward to jumping into a Titan again this weekend. Though it would seem not everyone was as happy as I was, however Respawn did infact listen to its fans and has since made massive changes that we will get to test out in weekend 2.

One of the biggest and best changes comes with the Titan meter (the bar slowly fills up till you can call in a titan). When Alpha weekend 1 launched the only way to fill the Titan Meter was by completing objectives, whereas in Titanfall 1 pilots would generate Titan Meter every few seconds. The way things were in Alpha Test 1 of Titanfall 2 had fans frustrated and Titans scarce, many times I would see players on both teams get Titans towards the end of the match. In the Alpha test 2 “Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.” In addition to gaining Titan Meter by completing objectives. In my opinion this will lead us to seeing a better amount of Titans in the next alpha test weekend, the game is called Titanfall after all.  (You can see the rest of the changes here) [click to continue…]