Man Of Steel Review

Last Wednesday, my wife and I decided to see the newest blockbuster tearing the internet up, Man of Steel. As it turns out, we hit traffic and missed the show, so we just ordered a pizza and watched Ghostbusters instead. We tried again Friday, but our plans were thwarted yet again. We finally resolved to see the movie on Monday, and would not be deterred. We made it out to the theater, cashed in the free tickets we received for seeing an unhealthy amount of movies already this year and waiting for the show to start.

As it turns out, we should have rooted for another traffic jam.

Man of Steel is the story of Superman as written by someone who has clearly taken the opposite side in the Superman/Batman debate. Superman is known throughout our culture as a beacon of hope – A symbol of everything that is right about humanity and our culture. He is a paragon of moral virtue, taken often well beyond a fault, more important as a rallying point for humanity than he ever could be as a superhero. He’s a beacon, a symbol, somewhere you can place your hope for the future. He is the man of tomorrow, and a man of his adopted people. [click to continue…]


After Earth: Warning Spolier alert


After Earth:

The special effects are good. Now there is an introduction for a review. Sadly my thought rapidly descend from here onwards.

Over the years, the man who once gave the world the brilliant The Sixth Sense has developed a seventh sense for how to send everyone down to Sleepy Town.

Though After Earth marks a decided improvement on Shyamalan’s last effort, that bottomless pit of bafflement The Last Airbender, it is still a flat-out snooze of a movie.

Can’t be totally blaming the M-Night for this dud outcome, however. If only because After Earth is the conceptual brainchild of its marquee drawcard, Will Smith.
It was he who came up with the original yarn about a future where Earth has long been emptied of all signs of human life. [click to continue…]


Star Trek: Into Darkness – Review *Spoiler*



J.J Abrams gives Star Trek a kick start.

The opinion was that 2009’s origin-story-driven affair tried too hard to be better than it had to be.

Yet, this time around the belated sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, settles for a slight, but noticeable, downscale of impact.

Does Star Trek: into Darkness deliver the goods?

An exciting opening act sees Star Trek Into Darkness hit the ground running at a cracking pace. [click to continue…]



Last night, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness. I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I watched Star Trek(2009). I really got excited though when Benedict Cumberbatch got involved! [click to continue…]