Save Sci-Fi Podcast LiveStream Episode 1

Save Sci-Fi PodcastHello Save Sci-Fi fans!  The Save Sci-Fi Podcast LiveStream First episode is now available for viewing! Here is all the information.



Grinning Studios Network founder.


Michael Daugherty:

The founder and creator of the Save Sci-Fi Facebook Page and community.


GB Hajim:

Director, Writer and Producer of the Sci-Fi animated feature film Strange Frame.


Strange Frame: Love and Sax. [click to continue…]

3 Full Sci-Fi movies that get the science right

Over the last 30 years, the attention to detail in sci-fi movies has gone through the roof, and the acting has become more naturalistic and believable: whole worlds created to seem and feel very real, but sadly the actual science is lacking. The whole plot of Avatar, going light years away to get a new source of power? Crunch the numbers Cameron. Sending that spaceship that far away could power the whole Earth for quite a while and then you have to bring the Unobtanium back. A Roman era technology called shaft mining could have allowed the humans to get at the Unobtanium without the Naʻvi even knowing. The central plot tech? The Avatars? You remotely control organic beings, but instead of attacking the Naʻvi with advanced drones to rival the Avatars (something better than we use now), in Cameronʻs future [click to continue…]

Why we made Strange Frame


(click on image to see elevator is at the bottom of the frame)

There is a lot of sci-fi media out there…a ton, but most of it isn’t worth a second look. What amazes me is how much good sci-fi literature there is out there, but either it is ignored or only used as a setting for another space battle. Even in the best of cases, the science is usually ignored when we move from book to screen. So is it sci-fi at all? If we take the sci out of sci-fi, what do we get? Wrestling on the SyFy Channel, argh!!!!


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Strange Frame

Here’s a great article about one of the Science Fiction projects we support, Strange Frame, by the creator GB Hajim. If you haven’t seen it yet, read on and see what it’s all about. – Forward by, Grin.
StrangeFrame.1920x1200.Naia“How fortunate are those who can frame the beauty of the strange” are the words that open this animated sci-fi adventure and the movies stays true to the phrase through and through. I developed a new style of hand drawn cutout for this movie to add to the weirdness. Strange Frame is the story of a saxophonist Parker C. Boyd (played by the sultry voiced Claudia Black) who leaves the comfort of her middle caste existence, tracking to be an engineer, to find her way following her passions playing music in Ganymede City. [click to continue…]