Grinning Studios VA Application

Job Description:


Grinning Studios is looking for a Virtual Assistant with a website development background to join our internet development and marketing division.
You will be working in a professional but friendly and supportive atmosphere as a virtual assistant. Work from home, telecommute to meetings, and earn bonuses for productivity, see bottom for bonuses.

Job information.
Location: Anywhere.
Part-time/Full-time: Part-time for the first week as a probationary period where we will evaluate your abilities and work quality, with an opportunity to gain full time work and pay upon a successful evaluation.
Salary: negotiable
Duration: Long-Term

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Develop and modify websites using tools such as WordPress and the Thesis 2.0 theme.
• Edit audio podcasts and videos for iTunes and YouTube.
• Perform SEO optimization tasks.
• Conduct internet research to find potential stories, clients and marketing venues.
• Monitor internet social media for comments and posts of interest.
• Research products or people scheduled to be interviewed on podcasts.
• Build and or manage mailing lists or auto responders.
• Create Graphics, banners, and other graphic art for use on the internet.

Successful applicants should posses these skills:

• Good English written and verbal communication skills.
• Strong work and productivity ethics.
• Proven experience with WordPress.
• Experience in utilizing third party web applications such as Google products.
• Demonstrated understanding of web concepts including, usability, accessibility, information architecture, web standards and guidelines for large websites with diverse audience needs.
• Good understanding of common social media frameworks like Facebook and Twitter.
• Good time management and organizational skills.
• Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
• Willingness to learn and adapt to new concepts and technologies.
• Proficient in using Skype.
• Must be experienced with MS office programs, have a computer, and fast reliable internet access.
• Video/Audio editing understanding and willing to learn and improve.
• Must have a PayPal account to receive monthly wages on.


• Mentored training.
• 13th month bonus.
• Bonuses available after the first month probationary period, including extra commission of up to 10% of company profits on projects, and websites, completed.
• Extra performance bonuses for products, websites and projects that you worked on and perform well in earnings.
• Developer bonuses of up to 10% on profit revenues for new products, services or content you provide.
• Supportive environment with an open door policy on exploring your own creative ideas.




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